Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sauteed Skate (Surf & Turf)

Here is that Salsify mash again, with a side of lemon butter Skate and a petit Rib-eye! The parm green beans are in the back. Was a fantastic meal.

Pressure cooked the beans and boiled the Salsify in chicken stock. Simple stove juggling is all it takes.

If you can get past these two things, Salsify and Skate's ugly beginnings, they are worth the effort.  I have noticed stores are carrying them both more often than none, not just whole foods. Don't over cook the Skate, as it will fall apart when plating, but the salsify you can boil to...

Peel, slice small pieces and barely cover with stock. Medium heat for about 20 mins or so, should reduce the stock down low enough you incorporate it into the mashing with salt, pepper, garlic powder, butter and a dash of white wine. I never throw out the water. Your throwing out good stuff.

Skate, start with hot pan, small amount of oil and pat of butter (one filet), season fish before it goes in, squeeze of lemon; sear on one side, flip, repeat and cook ra bit longer, turn off heat and cover with lid; it will continue to cook while you deal with plating.

It was a lazy day, ha!, but I pan seared the rib-eyes first, cooked green beans in that same pan, added oil, salt and pepper, after searing them I added half cut stock and placed lid on pan to finish cooking. Rib-eyes stayed in warm oven along with green beans in glass dish while I made the Skate.