Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Last of the Summer Skillet Peaches

You can also can grill them! The peak season for peaches are July and August, so in September they are really ripe and sweet. Of course peaches are around the whole summer, but if they are not local and even from various states- California and Georgia, they can be uneventful in flavor, so why bother. My opinion, to eat local and in season.

If you are not a fan of warm fruit dishes, as I am, you still must try this. It will not totally change your mind, but adding spicy with sweet does give it a zing. In my cafe I would make quesadilla with them, adding in chicken or pork if they wanted more meat. Add a touch of spice with either seasonings of chili powder, pepper, salt, and other herbs. Also homemade salsa on the side works.

Prepare them in a hot skillet, not to ripe, not to hard- slice them in 1 inch or half more pieces and leaving the skin is not problem, just clean them well before hand. If they are organic there is no need to worry, they do not wax or spray them with chemicals. Let them cool before storing them in a container or they will continue to cook, making them soggy.

Use them in quesadillas with chicken, with pork tenderloin and rice, in salads, and in a recipe I will be making soon- Curry Chicken and Peaches.