Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dreaming of Spain

Sometimes you find there are so many things you want to share about a trip, but you do not want to bore people to death with the details. However it comes back to a longing for the trip in which you just had so much fun and such wonderful food.

I have quite a few special restaurants to post, but also many new dishes we have encountered in my kitchen.

Casa Paca was ranked #3 in the books for the best suckling pig. Their carpaccio was out of this world! The olives and local olive oil seem to bring it to life. Melt in your mouth.

You go in through the bar, and the restaurant is upstairs in the back area.

Looking through photos to see if I wanted to relive the experience I saw the one of hubby (top) in the square of a small town we visited after my son left. Just the walking around, site seeing, tapas and wine for lunch and dinner; it was wonderful. Most of the time we ate light, because we were saving our selves for a few special places and the suckling pig in Sevogia.

The suckling pig was not all presentation as portrayed in the video and brochures we saw, but it was fantastic (not so great for photo). We want to go back to Spain. So much to do and not enough time or stomach space for all the goodness!

That is all there is too it, we fell in love with Spain. This photo is just outside of two towns surrounded by castle walls.

"They do not waste any part of the animal" hubby said the next morning while roaming in a central market.