Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roasted/Mashed Christmas Turnips

Every Christmas I can remember... I have enjoyed fresh roasted and mashed turnips. An easy and tasty dish to make for any gathering. Actually...I cannot believe I ever turned my nose up at these when I was small. My grandmother would grow them, use the green tops to saute and serve with beans and rice, or roast the turnips and then served them mashed with onion and butter.

Persimmons have been showing up in Whole Foods, so I grabbed a few for a dinner side...

What are your traditional holiday sides? Or have you created new traditions?

A Personal Note:  I am having a great time with my son in MO. I love his girlfriend and we are having a blast bowling, cooking (she is vegetarian, so we are eating healthy!), going to social gatherings. Now we are heading down to Dallas to visit family and friends...a surprise visit!

Here they are dressed up for a 20's Murder Mystery Party- Sly Sleazy and Mrs. Vicki Ravioli...neither were the killer... I did make my son his favorite dish, smothered steak for today's meal. A mother loves spoiling her baby!