Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tandoori Shrimp and Scallop Pizza

I have to admit something...I am not as fond of pizza as I was in my youth.

Unless it has unique ingredients, and has a brick oven crisp to the crust. Thick doughy crust, tons of cheese, and so much sauce is just not my thing these days. Could it have been all the years of birthday parties at Chuck-the-Cheese (and I spelled this wrong on purpose). I know un-American of me right?

Take rolled out thin crust, add Tandoori sauce (many markets such as Whole Foods carry pre-made Tandoori in their Ethnic sections, or Asian markets sell powders) and yogurt, along with some shrimp and scallops- Heaven!

I know this is the third Tandoori post in the past months (and there are more), but I like it better than pasta sauce based dishes. Spicy flavors are number one on my favorite eats.

Since I sensitivity to wheat, the crust is gluten free; it comes out so thin, and I solve the taste problem (gluten free breads and crust are not so tasty) by brushing the crust in the beginning with homemade roasted garlic olive oil.

Now all I need is too build a brick oven in the back yard and I am all set!