Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beer Battered Cod and 'Our' Dirty Rice

How we forget life can be so busy when company shows up at our doorstep!

My son arrived from Asia not quite two weeks ago and its been crazy. He requested I make so many things he has not had for the past year and half, my head is spinning. He also will be living with us, not sure how long, but I am a happy mom. He is almost 25 and is trying to finish up his Translating and English studies. We are so proud of him.

Okay back to the food. I made a simple batter recipe and add a dash of your fav beer, in this case hubs and son love Yuengling, a PA/NJ beer that is spreading out in distribution. 

Once you pan saute the cod (I do not use much oil as in my southern frying roots) remove almost all of the oil, if any, but about two tablespoons and add a pinch of flour and spicy seasonings to make a rue of sorts or in this case a gravy. Once it begins to turn golden add a few cups heavy cream and thicken. Last minute I tossed some shrimp into the oil before making gravy. A nice fresh squeeze of lemon and zest to give it a nice fresh flavor!

In a separate pan I sauteed some sausage, shrimp pieces, cilantro, seasonings, and then added rice (wild rice here) to open up the hull for quicker cooking. Add stock and begin cooking. just before it cooks  we added asparagus and tomato pieces left from night before. Makes for a good dirty rice! Not original recipe, but a fun one.

My son has been cooking for me as well. Funny how when our kids grow up they mimic us.