Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Birthday Celebration

In my family tradition we celebrate our birthday for a whole month, or at least it always ended up that way. Many friends and family cannot get together as easily in summer months, so we string out the gatherings over a few weeks time. I began the tradition with my children, and found many others do as well...

I am turning 50 in June, but would be traveling to Texas, so I wanted to do some celebrating with my New Jersey friends. However the trip is postponed, but celebration plans go on. Where I am in the photo? In their smiles, as well as their they did not eat me, but ate my good BBQ meal!

Planning my memorial day feast, I had seen two blog post that struck me as great food sources for good eats. Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen, and Chris @ Nibble Me This are two of my favorite follows, on Blogger and facebook. They always have some good eats posted!

I will be posting their recipes in the next two weeks, so stay tuned, and enjoy the heat!