Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spicy Seafood GukSu (Soup)

I was so crazy about my son's girlfriend's (she is Korean) mom's recipe for  Dakbokkeumtang that I took a few recipe items and added them to this recipe. It was a seafood version of the other I wanted to try, so I kept the basic seafood items, plus vegetables which are similar, and changed a couple of things.

Just to give you an idea of how this starts off with major ingredients, I have listed them...but there are more...

Spicy Seafood GukSu (Soup) 

12 Jumbo Shrimp (or 15 Small Shrimp)
2/3 Cup Squid 15 Mussels
2/3 Cup baby scallops
2/3 Cup squid 
2/3 Cup Cabbage, small cut pieces (I used kimchi from Asian market, jar)
1 Cup Onion, medium cut pieces
1/3 Cup Carrot, small cut pieces
1 Handful Spinach
9 Stone Ear Mushrooms (Asian markets; often found in cans with water, or use shitake)

2 Hot Peppers (1 Red & 1 Green)
1 Green Onion, chopped (white onion will work)
Thick fresh (or Frozen) Noodles for JjamBbong (I did not use this, because vegetables were enough)

I borrowed the chili paste recipe from the first dish Yebyul made, then incorporated it into this recipe for Spicy Seafood GukSu.

After adding onion, cabbage, and carrot you stir in chili paste below. Omit the original seasoning. I really like the flavor combination of this chili paste over the other. I also felt the anchovy paste could have been also omitted, and will do so next time. Unless you really enjoy fishy flavor, which I do not, you can stick to the original GukSu recipe on the site I direct you too.

-Dakbokkeumtang Chili Paste:

Make seasoning paste by mixing ¼ cup  soy sauce, ¼ cup of minced garlic, ¼ cup hot pepper paste, ¼ cup of hot pepper flakes, and 1 tbs of sugar.

There are so many versions of this soup recipe it might be fun to try another. We enjoyed this dish very much.