Thursday, March 13, 2014

Curried Cauliflower Supreme

What's going on since the holidays?

 It has been a while. My new eating lifestyle changes are working. I'm losing 2 lbs a week with a high protein, all green veggies, and low carb (2-3 T a day, sometimes more). No sugar and junk (fast or processed) food. Only water and flavored water (no sugar and carbonation). No soda and alcohol (at least until my weight goes down dramatically). I've done diet eating before, and failed.

But the options were, live with diabetes/live in hell and continue to hit highs on weight gain, and I have become less mobile. Not working full time hit me hard. The eating is not as boring as I had initially thought.

Actually I posted this today on Facebook...

 "Funny how when you eat healthy, each bite taken, chewed slowly as you go, becomes more intense- tasting salty, flavors pop, and the senses aren't dulled by crap foods" - Chef E

 I am up for bariatric surgery in May, and am going through the hoops, and had a few tests done. It is recommended you eat a pre-surgery diet to become accustomed to the portion size and restrictions. Mostly the same as above, accept for veggies have to be soft, and meats pretty much the same- low fat and ground meats are suggested.

Your stomach will not be able to digest the same as the once full sized. I began in December and am doing well. Recipes like this one are the key to flavor and enjoyment. Basic curry powder (turmeric gives yellow appearance), head of cauliflower, and some oil for a drizzle.

Clean the head of cauliflower; pat dry, and cut into small to medium pieces. Spread onto a baking dish. The one I use is large, but old as the hills (was my moms), so I cover it with foil for easy clean-up. Drizzle oil (whatever you prefer), and then sprinkle as much curry powder on top. In my house we love spicy, though this curry powder does not have the lingering bite a smoked chili powder might have, but it is pungent. No salt is needed, at least in my house.

 BAKE (preheated over): 375 30-45 mins (texture is your preference)

 My hubs gave his thumbs up approval, and he is not a vegetable eater. He told a friend that if he had been served cauliflower this way years ago, he would have eaten it more often. I'm sure this is not original, but was a fabulous discovery.

 I took the leftovers the next night and pureed them in almond milk, unsweetened, a bit more oil and a pat of butter, topped with almond slivers, voila! Soup was fantastic. Enjoy.

 Also, my 1st book is finally out- My South By Southwest: A Cast Iron Tempo Recollection (see, I've been busy!)