Monday, November 17, 2014

A(muse) Restaurant Review and News

A(muse) * Inspired Food and Drink* in Rohobeth Beach, MD

The whole story...

My beloved and I decided to take one last trip before my bariatric surgery scheduled for mid-November. A few friends who've had it had talked about a last hoorah before my eating is even more restricted than last December when I embarked on what I now know is called 'Liver Shrinking Diet'- low carbs, sugar free (not foods, just no sugar), and low fat eating. I lost 32 pounds, only gained back 8.

Hubs and I have been together 17 years, and are still going strong. This man is very supportive through my daughters illness, death, and now my gaining more weight, to the point of being diagnosed with diabetes last year. It was time to make a change. I am for the good, but it's not for everyone. Eating healthy on a constant basis is what we should do, eating small portions, healthy choices, and exercise on a regular basis. Also I recommend counseling, something I do.

After back and forth talks with my doctors, the health issues have gone against me, so I opted for surgery. I will miss the great foods from establishments like A(muse) and Chef Hari Cameron- A(muse) restaurant in Rohobeth. Hubs loves our foodie adventures over the years, but he knows the high calorie foods have gone against my health. There might be chances of tasting the Chef's food again one day, but not tasting menus like we did last week. It was fabulous, his restaurant is fantastic, something others should try. We give it 5 stars out of 5, and includes the wine pairing.

Normally they do a 4 or 7 tasting menu, and an 11 (we were told) in the fall. Once being seated we saw 4 and 7 offered on menu, so we asked and were told it was allowed, 11 course tasting menu. I will simply show photos of our plates, and apologize a few are missing because we began eating and realized no photo was taken (only pieces of food were left).

Amuse Bouche- smoked anchovie

1) Liver and Onion Sorbet

there's more...


2) Foraged Soup (maitake and hen of the woods mushrooms, Japanese Maple leaf with a hot tea soup poured over ingredients)- this was my favorite, the flavors just were perfect!

3) Seared New Jersey Scallop, lentils, beets, and radish,

4) Roasted brussel sprouts, sliced beets, goat cheese, spaghetti squash, pumpkin puree, and elderberry sauce with sumac powder.

5) Lobster with rapinni and chili oil- my second favorite (I loved them all!)

6) Crispy Sweet Breads  celery - blue cheese - chili garlic (surprisingly I do not go for this, but it was good)

7) It was...NY Duck Breast and grilled vegetables with cauliflower puree

8) 48 hour braised beef (orange sauce), reminded me of a Chinese dish, but mild.

9) It was...Dunbarton Blue cheese with roelli (fruit and granola type mixture)

10) Rice pudding with apple cobbler, streisal, and orange thyme jam

11) Bone Marrow Oreos with Parsnip Milk- it was yummy and you could detect the flavors of both. 
Sweet and Savory

Chef Hari and the staff, 
Thank you so much for making our anniversary great!
Also, your wine, beer, and dessert wine pairings were fantastic!
It was nice to have such a knowledgeable crew answering our questions.

You can see by the look on my face, I was a happy wife!

Thanks readers for following my blog since 08, I am and always will be a foodie, but will be eating smaller portions and exercising my way back to health! 

See you in 2015...

Elizabeth Akin Stelling
a Texas poet, author My South By Southwest
Managing editor, Red Dashboard LLC Publishing

(1st photo taken from A(muse)'s website, Chef Hari Cameron preparing dinner)

PS- If you have a weight problem, are obese, or overly obese, then we recommend you see your doctor and consult about eating habits and how they have affected your over all health. My circumstances dealing with my daughters death years ago did affect my sleeping and eating habits, as well as an increased drinking habit that resulted in my situations. Everyone's situation is different and a change in diet should be consulted with your family doctor, we are not recommending you try any kind of diet or eating at high end restaurants. My diet was under supervision of a dietitian and nutritionist during 2014. Nor did A(muse) provide any compensation for this post.