Friday, February 6, 2015

Orange Blossom Hummus

I'm the traveling chef again since surgery, well, really the traveling poet now, but believe me when they find out I work as a chef (still as a personal chef), I get hooked into things, but love it! One of the Greensboro, NC ladies I hung out with for a few days, stayed in her beautiful home built in the 1920's, she invited another poet over for breakfast and tea, and Tracey brought me this lovely jar of hummus made with orange blossom water.

It is the traditional recipe for hummus, not too lemony, but had a flower sort of flavor, not overwhelming. Her husband is from Egypt, and it is a common ingredient in things. I loved it, and at first thought it was cauliflower addition, then lavender, but not perfume like at all. It made sense when Tracey told me what it was.

My tastes buds are off right now due to WLS, but things are coming back. With our world becoming smaller, ingredients like orange blossom water are more readily available, so give it a try! I want to thank Tracey Parker Nafekh (she's going to kill me for this photo hijack!) thank you for my gift!

I can imagine what a hoot it would be to really cook with these gals! They already hooked me into helping with an event in March, a real southern luncheon to boot!

I headed this way a few weeks ago to attend the North Carolina Poet Laureate, 2015 induction ceremony for one of our book authors, Shelby Stephenson, and to visit with him on his historic farm outside of Raleigh. That was another wonderful post on my personal poet website, Elizabeth Akin