Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Duck Confit Risotto

I had not realized until my sisters visit from Texas these past few weeks...she had never tried risotto, or even duck. I was glad when she asked me to show her how to make a few dishes from her last visit. It would include a few ingredients she also had not tried before.

Here is a recipe for Duck confit risotto I have made. Generally at a local market Wegman's you can purchase duck fat. Simply cover duck legs with this fat and chill over night. Cook in 200 degree oven until meat falls off bones. Using the duck meat and fat in making the risotto and sauteed vegetables, topped off with duck breast you will have made a delicious meal for a food exploring newbie like my little sister.

Next she wants a lesson in goat cheese gnocchi with my lemon chicken...we might even throw in a watermelon martini!