Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Korean Food in Devens, MA

Hubby had to go a short distance out of town for his work, I tagged along, we found this really great in the middle of no where Korean restaurant. Great family owned and operated and fantastic food. The selection goes from a few classic Chinese, Chinese-Asian fusion, and Korean Classics.

My advice though, the portion sizes are HUGE, so be careful how much you order. If we had  been staying in a hotel with a kitchen, we would have taken the left overs back to reheat.

We ordered Kimchi Pancakes (my recommendation above!), BBQ Squid with mung bean jelly noodles (transparent cellophane noodles, hubby's top choice), and a Pork-Tofu Cabbage Soup with rice, which was good and they also used Kimchi as an ingredient.

As original Korean cuisine goes they bring out about seven side dishes typically called banchan (top photo), often fermented and spicy. Kimchi two ways- Napa and American Cabbage (Kimchi is really spicy!), All Pickled- Chinese Cucumber, Korean 'Dikon like' Radish, and Bean Sprouts (slightly sweet and good).

Everything was so good, and the place is a BYO, and we did! I would return if we have to go back again. They have dishes I have made myself at home like Belgogi (spellings differ- bulgogi, or pulgogi) selections, and Bim Bim Bop (vegetables either with beef, but always with egg on top).

Okay, hubby wanted me to take a photo of the damage we did. We still could have used a few more eating partners to knock it all out. Like I said the portion sizes are huge and prices are very reasonable!

If you really want to do traditional Korean dining, they have this table were you sit on cushions on the floor; it's off to the side when you walk in the front.

Now, for more exciting news... I'm going to Korea (and other countries around, Tokyo) to visit my son for a month!!! So hang onto your Korean hats, I will be posting off the beaten path recipes and restaurant adventures!

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Thank you,

Chef E