Friday, October 7, 2011

Pork Loin with Tomato Risotto

When I made this dish, I really felt like it was a heavier 'bring on fall' dish a month ago.

This dish is just one of our favorites here on the home front. Why? Because it's really an easy one. I use a dry rub of my own invention for the pork loin- hint, garlicky, coriander, and spicy!

Follow this recipe for perfect risotto! Perfect Risotto And only Jamie Oliver tells you "It will smell fantastic" in the middle of a recipe! Save a glass of wine for yourself.

I add sun-dried tomatoes with the onions to make this version. And don't use boiling water for the whole pot of risotto, or it will taste like bland nothing, maybe even oily bland nothing.

I am getting ready for an e-zine launch, Z-composition and a trip to see my son in Korea, so enjoy October!