Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring = Inspired Water

Vegetable garden planting has most likely taken place, flowers are popping up, meaning the weather is getting warmer, which means we are having an early spring, and I imagine everything will need lots of water.

I found it warm yesterday and found myself drinking lots of water. In our home we drink filtered water, lots of refreshing filtered water since I received my Mavea water pitcher last year.

I was contacted by Mavea and offered another chance to give one away. So I did. Randomly choosing someone off of Facebook and twitter we sent out the a Elmaris XL. They are offering colors now- with a campaign of 'Add a splash of colour to your life'- green.

One thing Theresa mentioned to me, as well as I like, she likes the easy and convenient on-line purchasing of these products and having them delivered to your house. My family as well as hers do all of our shopping on-line, mostly Amazon.com, but they do carry these products too. You also simply purchase the replaceable filters at various sites.

Theresa keeps her pitcher in the fridge, and we keep ours upstairs. We bought a larger size container for the kitchen counter, but needed another one to refill our bottle during the night. I add ice in the top section and let it melt, so during night it keeps the water cool.

We had the opportunity to visit Theresa Sunday and see what she thought of her prize. I was visiting the area and had not seen the pitcher before it arrived at her house. I was pleasantly pleased with the green color and size of the pitcher.

As I have said before, cookAppeal has chosen (a few years ago) to no longer shill for companies, but here in my house we believe in products like this. The Mavea water filter pitcher is well worth taking up space on my blog. If you have the opportunity and need a product like this, try it!

You can find them on Facebook- Mavea Inspired Water