Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Korean Visitor

Our house has enjoyed a Korean student staying with us for the past month. Yebyul Oh is moving to NYC to study and intern and met my son while they were both in Hong Kong. Becoming friends she told him about her stay and he asked if we minded having a house guest for a few days, which turned into three weeks, but she earned her keep by helping around the house. She is not a professional in the kitchen, but she is very creative and loves to try new foods. She can visit any time, because she really loves my fusion cooking!

She gave us the honor of cooking our last meal together. Well, she will visit every now and then, but this was a great opportunity to taste something Korean families make in their homes. A visit to a local Asian market proved to be fruitful. We bought a big box of Korean Pears.

After obtaining all the ingredients for Kimchijeon and Dakbokkeumtang I found them in a discussion with another Korean woman about what chilies to use for the Kimchijeon soy sauce. My son went for the small Thai, which are very hot.

Once home she was busy preparing our Friday night meal...with some help. It was nice to sit back and let them make the mess and clean it all up. All I had to do was sit down at the dinner table. Ahhh...

Come back and enjoy the meal post next week!