Friday, January 11, 2013

Scallops Are The Bomb

Oh heck, keep the old, just do some revamping...and we do love our scallops!
I was hired to cater a dinner party for my clients husbands boss. The wife left the menu up to me. I like it when that happens. 

Salad for the beginner, and no big dessert for the finish, just an assortment of candies and truffles. I was sure most were spent on the Christmas end of sweets as it was. A light meal was in order. I went with scallops, and filet Mignon as the meat option. You would be surprised at how many said no to the steak.

(I did get a grand deal on a tenderloin at H-Mart in Edison- $6.99 lb. Other locations available. It was cheaper than what I can get at the wholesale butcher, and you have to buy a certain quantity at that. I prefer Rib-eye steaks for more flavor, or a strip, but often high end clients want filet.)

Pan seared with a little salt and pepper. Over sauteed Parmesan spinach. I deglazed the pan with a tamarind infused heavy cream. Added room temp pomegranate seeds, and dusted it with some curry powder.

It tasted wonderful, and was paired with two Chardonnay's- oaked and steel barrel fermented, both from Long Island.  You might think the oak would overpower the dish, but it actually highlighted the light curry powder dusting. Guest felt they both were a good match.

Regrets- my rice was not flavorful enough. I often overdo everything, and had considered a risotto. But that is usually too creamy for a solid presentation. Not because I was criticized, but because I personally like everything to shine in flavor. The clients and even hubs in our trial meal said it was fine. In retro, the meal was fantastic, and I want it again! However...see there I go again...I felt it needed a bit more curry powder, but I like my food spicy...

I don't carry my camera around as once did a year or so ago, so the smart phone photo has to do when a quick expedite is in order.

Next play with your food meal on my menu is smoked Duck...