Monday, December 16, 2013

Crock-Pot Meals & Happy Holidays

I haven't posted food lately, due to the fact my oven died and my landlord is a cheap... We deal with it.

So for three weeks I used a crock-pot for meals, and when Thanksgiving arrived, it was the same. The turkey came out fine, turkey legs and thighs (I'm not a fan), stuffing, gravy, and yams in the microwave (mashed). Lamb chops on the grill. We did a lot of grilling to supplement no oven or stove. I did try desserts and to be honest we did not like them- pecan pie, cranberry, and sweet potato. Actually the sweet potato was more like a cake, and okay. And hope we do not have to do it again. Good news, got my oven back working.

Life has been busy since I began my publishing company Red And I still run cookAppeal for private events and holidays, so posting here has become more difficult. Its been great blogging since 08, but before that I had a cafe and ran a full time wine and food pairing company. I wish everyone luck on their ventures in writing, and I will try and do something once a month.

We are not eating all the fancy foods at home lately, I had gained some weight and now am scheduled for gastric bypass next year. My daughters death over ten years ago and being over 50 hasn't helped my current weight. Once you slow down as I did when my cafe closed down and a slower metabolism, it got out of control. My family and I are planning to attack it this go round so I can have a healthy lifestyle for a long future. Thanks for following me and have a great holiday with your own family and friends!

Peace to all!