Friday, October 31, 2008

A PNW Tour dejour- Victoria, BC

Lets not bore you with too many details of the trip to Vancouver Island, BC. Just take a look at the view, and totem poles everywhere!

These were fresh lemon cucumbers that I just had to buy and try...

Our dinner consisted of local market bought salad fixings, fresh caught salmon and shrimp that was topped off with a roasted tomatillo cilantro lime cream sauce cooked right in our room!

I highly recommend that you stay at least in one hotel with a kitchen, so that you can visit a local market, like Moss Street in Vancouver and open a great bottle of wine to have with the fabulous meal you cook yourselves.
(Hotel Oswego)

A gateway into fun...

I read various blogs that discuss whether it is tactful to take pictures while you are dining. We feel it helps us remember what we had, so we keep a database of wine bottles too, so we do not have to drag them around with us!

Our China Town food adventure was interesting; trying to decide which one to eat at! My hubby had Jelly fish and Crab, while I stuck with Sweet Sour Soup and Fried Rice.

We went on a Black Bear quest but they were not taking our bait?

I highly recommend Merridale Apple Orchards and Hard Cider (and a cafe we ate at)

Proscuitto and cheese stuffed olives hand made by the mother of the owner

I had never seen this before and would love to know a drink recipe for it! If you cannot read the label it is Saffron Gin.