Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Watermelon Mo'E'to

While I was traveling in the PNW we ate at a restaurant that had a watermelon salad, and I was sipping on some local made vodka, ‘M’, and put some of my watermelon in the glass and crushed it right there with the bartender watching me. I created a new drink for her, and she liked it too.

Ripened Watermelon- Small seedless; cut some into small triangles for garnish, and the edge dipped into sugar; set aside; the rest just small pieces

Basil- rinse and lay between sheets of moist towel

Oil/Vinegar Dressing- Splash; You may think this is crazy, but you have to duplicate the original experience

Vodka- bottle; obviously you want one with a smooth flavor and chilled in freezer works

Take equal parts of just a little oil and vinegar and blend well (I do not recommend using a bottle dressing because it might already contain seasoning that would not work with the taste); place small pieces of watermelon in glass bowl and marinate with dressing, pinch of salt.

In a glass place water melon and basil and crush with pestal; pour in some vodka and shake with another glass over the top.

Pour into martini glass or highball glasses, garnish with a triangle of watermelon on side or in glass and enjoy this unusual drink.

If this does not appeal to you as a drink, then put it on a plate, do not crush the watermelon, just cut the basil into strips and add some vodka into the dressing and you have yourself a yummy salad! -chef E