Sunday, December 12, 2010

North Of The Border Tacos

These fish tacos are made with a few of the Arizona afternoon Farmers Market purchases- I attended back in August while visiting hubby as he worked. The fish is dredged in Mesquite flour (made from mesquite beans- I lightly smoked the fish after dredging, and finished off in the oven), Tepary beans, and Ciolim Dried Cholla Buds.

I used a thicker and sturdier fish for this dish- hake, whitefish or Poor John as it is called; otherwise it will fall apart before it gets to the tortillas (talapia is often too thin). You can make your own tortillas for this dish. Whole foods carried blue corn flour, and I brought back corn flour from Virginia last summer and after a few practices with the rolling pin you can get them to a thin state for tacos. No matter because they are good and flavorful in any form- each ingredient in these tacos brings a flavor to the plate. My favorite are blue corn tortillas. Something I learned to love on the road in New Mexico, and southwest restaurants that popped up in Dallas in my youth.

Cholla buds have a unique flavor that includes tones that range from artichoke to asparagus – green and vibrant. Once cooked, cholla buds will triple in size. These delectable desert vegetables love marinades and will readily absorb the flavors of whatever they are cooked with. Terrific in antipastos, chilies, salads and sautes, use them as you would artichoke hearts or asparagus tips.

All of these ingredients are low in glycemic index- so great for diabetic eating, or for losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet.

Happy Holidays! I will be with my son in Missouri for the next two weeks helping him pack and move- He and his girlfriend are going to Korea as students and to teach for a new and exciting turn in my life...he expressed his deep affection for her, so I may have a new daughter in the future...I am also meeting her family for the first time, as we are spending Christmas together. I will be around to read your posts...Peace to you all...