Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspired Water?

Because I am losing weight, fighting high blood pressure and kidney stones requires me to drink lots, lots, lots, lots, and lots of water. So much so we keep bottles upstairs. Then I thought about how many water bottles, even after we recycle, they still end up in waste sites. We bought a large counter top water filtering system. We once used tap filters, but after spending so much on new ones, because they are not one size fit all as we have moved from Texas to Saint Louis, then to New Jersey, we decided to go the counter top route.

What!!! Did I just post about filtering water? Oh yes I did. Okay I said there would be no more corporate shilling on here, but I could not help it. I discontinued answering the dozens of request CookAppeal gets for "Your time and efforts will be appreciated and well compensated"...yeah right!

Well a company contacted me about testing out a sleek new water filtering system. This is one thing we do in my house. We use a large ten gallon system that sits on my counter. If you have seen my galley kitchen, well counter space is vastly over used, because I have none! Their verbage and description of 'Sleek' got my attention, and the fact we could use another one upstairs and for traveling. Outside of designing hamster bottles for the wall, this was the next best thing.

So, I said yes to the 'MAVEA', the North-American division of Brita Germany, just came out with a sleek, new design for a premium water filtration pitcher called the Elemaris'. I saw they retail for about $30 or so on-line.

We followed the directions and voila! I know have a nice water picture sitting upstairs, actually you can carry it all around. Spring is here, so I imagine it will end up on the patio with me and friends! *hint hint* I can see Velva @ Tomatoes on the Vine or Greg @ Sippity Sup using the fresh filtered water for one of their cocktail recipes! Want one for yourself? Let me know on facebook you are interested and we will see what we can do!

Winners will be announced May 2nd! You can find them on facebook 'Inspired Water', comment on my facebook page 'CookAppeal', if you want to enter to win your own pitcher!

Come on, do your part in helping the planet and try a water filtering system...yeah! I am water shilling...