Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Family can be a wonderful reason to be thankful.

I have all the pies baked, cranberry, pumpkin and banana breads baked, and more to load up in the car for our long drive tonight, and I wanted to throw a hello your way.

Hubby's mom had sever back problems now, so all the women in the family get assigned one cooking job to contribute for the large meal. He has seven other siblings that may or may not appear around a rather large table. We also stay over at his step mom's house the following day and I cook. She does not cook, so it is a treat for her when we come.

Hubby and I wish you the best of what you desire for the day!

I love my family- my hubby and son in the photo above. BTW I may not look like it (not a great choice of blouse to wear) but I am in the best shape physically I have been in years. Exercising three or four times a week, eating right, lots of walking in Korea, and I got my test results back from my physical and blood work, the best number I have had in six years. Lower than ever. The weight is slowly coming off, but I did what the doctor asked for my own health.

Another reason to celebrate!