Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Food and Food Bloggers

"IACP Culinary Expo & Book and Blog?"

"Yes. I thought you might like to attend" said hubs.

"Sounds good to me."

We already had an over night trip into New York planned, so why not?

My post have been mapped out already, so there was no time to let others know. I figured anyone in NY already knew about it, and would be attending. The building was multilevel and a really cool space for this event. Lofty. I love loft space.

The Book and Blog was in a space next door. Meaning you had to go back out on the street and thankfully someone pointed you to the red velvet roped entry.

Lots of foods and vendor offerings all around. Between hubs and me, we took a lot of pics.

I didn't see any familiar bloggers though. Met a few old wine industry friends and authors. But then there was Marc of 'No Recipes' (photo above, and my handsome son right behind in red jacket). He and I saw each other and it was instant recognition.

He moved from New York and over to Japan. Says he is really having fun writing and teaching professionally, and was in town visiting. Like me, it just so happens this event was going on. He also said he was surprised not many people we knew had attended. Is it me or does it seem like events are getting smaller and smaller here. Even Taste of Princeton was the smallest it had ever been.

As I always think, I'm not sure why we don't go into New York more often. The food and people watching are like no other.

IACP Culinary Expo  & Book and Blog
April 1, 2012
82 Mercer Street
New York, NY

Now for New York fashion this was some good people watching.