Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tandoori Chicken Salad

If you have followed cookAppeal for a number of years you might remember this post ''Tandoori Chicken with cashews''. It was beautiful on the plate with it's bright red color along side the cashews also cooked in the powder.

I took a similar concept of dipping four chicken breast into Tandoori powder you can find in most Asian Indian markets (2 T), squeeze lime and chop cilantro, let sit for half hour or so, and then  shallow fry (very little oil in pan) them. You can serve red onions and yogurt along potatoes, rice, or any side dish desired. They are not a spicy as one might think.

Any pieces left over from that meal the night or day before...chop them up into small cubes. I added lemon aoili, red onion pieces and cilantro. It was good on a bed of spinach dressed with lime and oil, or on an onion roll.

Simple for summer eating!