Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ceviche- Squid, Baby Scallops, and Salad Shrimps

Thanksgiving is upon us! Hopefully you have shopped as I have, and are ready to begin tomorrow finishing up your lists. But in the meantime what to serve those stragglers arriving, and yourself! Protein is a good idea to keep up the brain strength (from going insane).

I whipped up some mixed fish Ceviche, because hubs and I love it!

Chop up some squid, throw in baby scallops and salad shrimp; add red onion and cilantro; then give it a good squeeze of lemon and lime, your choice; don't forget the olive oil, jalapeno, sald and pepper! And pick up some corn tortillas, and you have a nice snack for an entree salad, as well as a tapas appetizer. Don't forget to drain the juice or it will become mushy.

The acid from lemon or lime will cook the fish. I often stir it about every thirty minutes till done. The acid breaks down the protein in the fish, making it opaque. Never heard of this dish before? Check this site out...Ceviche 101There are many great ceviche recipes out there, so go check them out. Rick Bayless south American cooking and cookbooks are one of my favs.

We paired a 2010 tempranello with this batch- a well suited south American blend from Trader Joe's.

There is a warning you need to be aware of, any consumed raw fish or meats are not safe for young children and pregnant women, and this fish is not always fully cooked. Depends on how long it sits in the acid, as it does not remove bacteria and parasites.

From my family to yours...have a wonderful and safe holiday- Happy Thanksgiving!