Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sweet Skatin Potato Pie

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We are having our meal at home this year, due to family losing their homes on Long Island, but it is all good. I made three pies this year- Southern Bourbon Pecan for my son, Cranberry Pecan Torte for hubs and my fav you see in the photo...Sweet Potato Pie. I prefer it over pumpkin since my childhood.

It also has a splash of bourbon, my theme this year is bourbon and chorizo in many of the dishes, but not overkill. Doing our usual heirloom turkey this year with cranberry-walnut bread and chorizo dressing, green beans and wine. Not too much, don't want to be stuffed do we?

My son is into rock climbing and roller skating, so this years turkey on the pie is has roller skates and is dancing at the rink. He is here for the holidays for the first time in six years. I always add one, a turkey pastry topper to one of the pies, last year the turkey was reading a book for my hubs step-mom who is a retired teacher. She says every good turkey should read!

Hope your holiday is safe and peace to all...