Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Out of the Box- Hot Sauce, Marinades, Rubs, and Sauces

I took a road trip yesterday with a chef/baker friend, and we had many reasons for the locale we picked- Rehobeth Beach, DE.

  1. To check out a travel trailer, Burros and Scamps- 
  2. (she is a vendor of Randi's Gourmet, and has taken it on the road)
  3. Girls day out- we all need the laughs to shake off the stress of daily life, girl talk
  4. Beach front property- our chairs sunk deep into some sand and surf
  5. Peppers- one of her wholesalers warehouse is not far from the beach
  6. New material for my food blog- to keep burnout from going up in flames
I was in need of some new marinade and rub ideas and we love hot sauce, so I was excited to also get a wholesale case price. We go through a case in six months. And our taste buds are still in tact.

Done deal on all above, and on the way home we ate at a new middleeastern aka Turkish restaurant and dragged our palates home afterward.

I can tell you, tasting 100 bottles of this and that, 1-6 million Scoville peppers can get to you after only six bottles, but what did we discover- a can of whip cream will cleanse your taste buds! Who knew! It keeps better than milk.

 Discovery. The way to go when you hit the road.

My first bottle- Fat Cat. He will be assisting me with a pork loin in the next post!

(above pic is only one of six cases she and I left with- my photo, and no sauce was gifted for this post)