Friday, June 21, 2013

Salmon Candy Remix

A few years ago hubs and I went fishing for Salmon in the Pulaski River in up-state NY. We came home with so much, I had to find a way to preserve it and give it away as gifts, so I made Salmon Candy. Then it was a few years before I tried it again. Same recipe, same good flavor.

There are a variety of recipes out there for this, but I have taken a combo of ideas and created my own. Brown Sugar, orange juice, ginger, pinch of salt and pepper, and mix together in glass dish and place fix skin side up, or remove skin. Then smoke over wood chips of choice- I used alder (see below).

This time I wanted a quick version because I have not been feeling well, lack of appetite from a lung infection, and need to cook for hubs and son. No one gets in my kitchen, well, they are busy and I am more available to play.

My new version is brown sugar, orange-ginger-pepper (dry seasonings-zest), and fish stock brine- rinse fillets, pat dray, and place them down skin side up into mixture for hour and half.

Now pat them dry again, then use same mixture above minus fish stock, but add olive oil and a few drops of liquid smoke, and then spoon over fillets.

Slow cook in preheated oven- 250 degree oven for 45 min. Do not overcook; it will dry out, you want some moisture. 

Served with sushi rice timbale with sesame seed garnish and spicy tahini dressing for greens.