Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fruit Jello, Just Like Grandma

Back to basics, of a childhood, and soft foods. My new eating lifestyle and the fact I was told there would be a chance of no bariatric surgery due to esophagus damage, I had to turn around quick. Did some research and found out some of it could have been caused (well it is from acid reflux) by not chewing food well. I'm guilty.

I feel like after turning 50 I went from spouting idioms of my mom (and dad) to making jello with fruit like my grandmother. Has life gone down-hill from here? I hope not. But the jello is good, sugar free with water packed fruit. The pineapple is a no-no, due to acid, but hubs loved it.

Coffee table clutter compliments of my grown son who has decided to enlist me in repair of thrift store finds he can't live without. That is a whole other conversation, less is more, clutter that is...maybe it is all parallel. Finding a ying to our bad yangs.