Monday, October 20, 2014

Mammaws Pimento Cheese

Yes, it's that good! AVA Wine Bar's Pimento Cheese Dip

However I did promise not to leak out her recipe, most chef's hold these things close, but if you make a good recipe yourself, great!

It was creamy, just the right amount of cheese blend, but I wanted a bit more pimentos (roasted red peppers). Okay, I know to stop complaining, but I like perfection.

The bread was just as good. I forgot to ask if she had a bread machine in the back, some of the plating and food had a homemade feel, but it was soft and toasted and all was good.

AVA Wine Bar in Staunton (pronounced Stanton), VA. We plan to go back in mid-Jan for a poetry festival and will be returning to Marybeth's restaurant to see what her new locally grown menu produces.

If you haven't checked out the post before this to see what those little cuties are on the plate, Watermelon gherkins (pickles), then get over there!

Do you have a favorite pimento cheese recipe to share? It's a great recipe to make for the fall and holiday gatherings, so get busy!