Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Blog Date at Jaspers Restaurant

I have truly enjoyed meeting blog personalities this year. My latest was in the Dallas area- That Darn Girl @ Just Telling It Like It Is; whose uses her site to express herself in a creative manner with her own personal life stories (she claims to add lib on many of her adventures). We have been following each other for a year this month, and enjoy reading the others candid and casual post sites.

This fun girl mentioned a while back that she would be in Texas around the same time as I in September, we set up a girl's night out at one of my favorite old haunts, Jasper's Restaurant in Legacy Park, Plano.

This is the second restaurant concept of Kent Rathburn, who opened and created Abacus in 1997 in the Turtle Creek area. Jasper's website mentions that their menu is back yard style cuisine with dishes like Aged Ham-Gouda 'Mac n Cheese' and Wood 'fire' Roasted Breads as you see in the photo above. You can clearly see the yummy mozzarella is melting over the crusty edges. I had been wanting an excuse to go back to see if Kent was keeping up with his past reputation.

Hubby and I visited Kent's restaurants on many occasions when we lived in Texas years ago. I also had the opportunity to be part of 'The Dirty Dozen' cooking team, and work in Abacus's high tech stadium kitchen along side one of his pastry chefs, Shannon Swindel. The experience was wonderful, and I walked away with many friends I still keep in contact with today.

Once Darn Girl and I settled into our bar booth table and realized we both liked dirty martinis. We ordered Jasper's signature Ketel One Vodka Dirty Martinis with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives, and boy did the blue cheese make that drink!

We also agreed to share one of their small plate appetizers. This left room for us try a few other light dishes like the Grilled Chicken Masa Soup- clearly an up scale name for a pureed bowl of chicken tortilla soup.

I soon asked our waitress if the Chef de Cuisine would make there Cast Iron side- Wilted Spinach, Crispy Shallots with an extra addition of tomatoes, and my wish was granted; great staff too. Luckily no one from the kitchen came and popped me over the head with a skillet!

I felt clearly after a few hours of talking with my new friend, she had to be a great inspiration to her patients (working as a nurse) in the past. I let her know that mom's (like me with a chronically ill daughter) who had to deal with the painful issues of long and tedious hospital stays considered her 'More than a friend'. She is a beautiful person inside and out! I look forward to more of girl's night out with her in the future!

If you get a chance to visit Dallas and head out to Legacy Park in Plano, you have got to stop into Jasper's for a wonderful meal. I think Darn Girl would agree, the Wood Roasted Bread topped off with Spicy Italian Sausage, red onion, and basil pesto was really great, and is now on my 'cravings' list. I would absolutely order it again when I return!

7161 Bishop Road, G-1
Plano, Texas 75024