Monday, September 28, 2009

Fair Game- Deep Fried Oreos

How did this idea of adding more fat to an already high calorie sweet treat come about? I would like to think that the story goes like this...

When there is not enough time to thaw out ingredients for a regular meal the kids can quickly decide they want breakfast for dinner, and suggest pancakes. As long as it is still nutritious we mom's say "Why not". As we are getting all the ingredients ready (come on everyone has done it at least once) there is that cookie jar, or opened cookie package in the pantry calling out our name. Hunger pains reinforce the idea that a few bites will not spoil our dinner.

Yeah... come on... admit it. As you are whipping up the batter in a frenzy, because they need to get their homework done, you pick up the cookie, and as it goes towards our mouth; it suddenly slips from your fingers and falls into the bowl of pancake batter. Apparently someone pulled it out of the batter and an idea went a little bit further. Out came the oil and a frying pan... Voila! Deep Fried Oreos hit the market place.

Okay, so how did it happen? My story seems to make sense in so many ways. Although I will admit that my oil and frying pan would not have been brought out. Nor would my pantry be harboring such a thing, and I never cared for Oreos that much. Give me some oatmeal raisin, or some chocolate chewy cookies. Well, what in the world gave me the idea to try it?

This IS carnival and fair food at its best...right? Things like this part of the freak show of the food world? Much like its comrades fried Twinkies, Snickers, and other junk treats.

One night recently on my travels back to Texas, a bunch of friends were sitting around talking about how the State Fair was opening the following weekend after my plans to leave. How on earth could we miss this great event that takes place each year they tried to convince me. Suddenly a voice in my head said, "Funnel Cake", and that was what started it all. "I would only really miss eating funnel cake" I said out loud.

Henry said he would miss fried Oreos! Then the conversation went array, and Henry suggested we make fried battered coconut cake like we were eating at that moment. He said we could make a fortune. Yuck! My mom's middle name was fried- Fried everything to be exact. I had enough of fried anything once I left home. Nope, he could start that venture all by himself, but I would give making fried Oreos a try my last night just for him.

While out shopping the next morning I noticed that Central Market had Oreos on hand, and I would put that commercial heavy cream to use once again! I suggested we try another flavor, like mint, but no one jumped on my idea. Hours later, lots of company, a chipotle marinated pecan smoked fajita spread; I made deep fried Oreos for dessert.

Making these once was enough. I ate only one. This sweet concoction is not my cup of tea. The others devoured all the rest. I also made my funnel cake, minus powder sugar (none in the house), and that turned out still, to be my favorite fair food. Thanks to Henry's Fry Daddy, and my pancake batter recipe memorized from the days of small feet going pitter patter through my kitchen.

The only information I could find on deep fried sweets like this- Deep Fried Twinkies were introduced around the year 2001 at the Arkansas State Fair. Being a hit for the first few days; it took off from there...

The cookie recipes I found online did not mention the cookies being frozen, but I tried it both ways. The frozen cookies did not melt into the gooey center like the unfrozen ones did. I used a cup of the high fat heavy cream I received from a friend who works for Maggiano's in Plano, and a basic pancake recipe. You can purchase the cream from a local dairy farm, or twist a chef friends arm to order it for you. I did mention that this cream is available (Smack N Cheese post) if you search in your area, but conventionally it is only sold to restaurants, or through select dairy farms (if any in your area, or look online).