Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Am Trout!

Food can be poetry...

New Jersey keeps their lakes and rivers stocked with trout in the spring, summer, and fall, and is some of the best trout fishing in the north east. Hubby and I like searching out good spots to fish, catch, and most of all eat trout. The Pequest Hatchery, and river up north is surrounded with beautiful river spots, so on our way home from Salmon fishing we decided to cast another hook. Well hubby caught one, as I patiently waited by the bank with my pen and paper.

Once home, I cleaned and prepared the trout for our dinner. Using a recipe I developed years ago- Apple Cider Poached Fish: apples, garlic, red onions, Jamaican Allspice, salt/pepper to taste, and local made Apple Cider. To me this is the perfect fall fish recipe.

In the past poaching using this recipe was done in a medium sauce pan to cover more of the fish with liquid. Playing with my original recipe the fish started out in the oven, but worked better with the stove top method. The infused flavors give the fish a wonderful fall flavor.

I perfected this recipe in my cafe; it is very flavorful with most types of white fish such as talapia and Basa. Salmon poached in packets with the same ingredients has been just as delicious. Just add some Asparagus tips for an additional and healthy touch.

The great side dish came about by combining olive oil, red onion, chopped bacon, small red bliss, and chiffonade savoy cabbage (amounts up to you); then saute ingredients in medium hot skillet; then covered with lid to steam cook the potatoes a bit more. Spread mixture on a plate and top off with fish; spoon on thickened juices from pan.

Pan Sauce: Reduce the apple cider mixture; thicken with a tablespoon of flour; drizzle over the fish and slaw mixture. Hubby opened up a Chardonnay we picked up in the Finger Lakes Region of Lake Seneca on our anniversary.