Sunday, May 2, 2010

Are You Hungry for a 'Gator' Recipe?

What kind of meal would you eat if you were in Georgia?

Fresh seafood dinner at Okefenoke Cafe, Taylor D's BBQ lunch, PBJ on wheat, Watermelon and peaches (not in season, shipped in with Florida Corn), Roasted Chicken, Carrots and Celery, and listed in that order of good to worse, to desperate, "Ahhh", Yeah we are heading in the right direction while waiting for 'bigger' fish to fry.

When you have a kitchen that has little equipment to cook, well, I am sure we could make it work, but it will not be...

Gluten Free Roasted Garlic, 'Sunchokes'- Jerusalem Artichokes, morel and leek jack cheese, vegetable's Enchiladas (lots of pressed down layers went into this casserole).Topped off with homemade salsa and Gluten Free Red Pepper chips.

Made in my own kitchen a few weeks ago, however I am not sure the coloring of the red pepper chips is true to its reality double. Do you find that when you are taking photos, you take so many, and still only one or two make the cutting room floor?

Some are either not exactly the color you remember. I still take the shots wait to eat, and then when I get one I can live with, I eat my cold dinner, says hubby.We want the money shot don't we? There are subtle but obvious differences in the photos after they were taken to Adobe photo shop (above and below).

Blogs have written about the 'Ten things that happen when you eat at a blogs house', and one of them is waiting till the 'shots ring out'. I am not at all trying to say there is an expert behind these shots, because there is not an inner photographer trying to come out, or will I quit my day job.

The right angle is a good factor. On the left, on the right, is it too close, or not enough details in the photo?

Apricot Sticky Rice. May is usually when fresh Apricots hit the market. Sometimes sooner. This is one of my mom's favorite fruits. Tart but sweet. A great versatile ingredients for sweet to savory desserts and entrees. 

This dish was made with a short grain sushi rice (short grain sticky rice available at Asian markets), soaked for an hour, rice was kneaded in the water, and then rinsed three times before it was cooked in the pot. Brie, maple sugar, and a few table spoons of heavy cream were added at the end. Flavoring, All Spice Berry soak in the warm cream before adding to rice. Dried apricots- you begin to see them on the gourmet market around April, and they are cooked in maple sugar and water. Gives the glaze a slight orange coloring and flavoring (press them down as they begin to boil and soften).

Why Brie, heavy cream and not the traditional addition of coconut milk stirred in? Look at it, it was perfection, and hubby said he would like it again.

Crackers and cheese- one of the FREE Gifts I received from Black Star Gourmet. (names of cheese posted next) The crackers are a nice crisp not sweet, or savory item. Seemed as though they were made like waffles, and very nice with sweet and savory!

Sweet Tea and BBQ Gator Sammies did not even make it to the cutting room floor- Taste Like Chicken!