Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Parade & Special Ingredients

The sun is out and I've got a 'Spring' in my step! Fresh seasonal grown vegetables have hit the markets.

Whats fresh in the market lately? Well, now that you ask...

Big Asparagus (Greg @ Sippitysup posted them) I served with Duck Eggs, chive and truffle oil. Because I had been taught you wanted smaller vegetables, they are sweeter, but reading his post made me decide to give the big daddy's a chance, and you know what- out the window with caution and myth! Peel them about mid-way down, steam them, and then saute them in truffle oil- just say Yummy!

Fresh Fava beans and string beans on mixed greens with a clementine citrus dressing. Hubby brought them home and told me they were 'Spring Peas' (Fava), because it was what the register rang up or the employee told him, but when I looked at them, I informed him they were Fava Beans and we barely had enough- 1 pound = 1 cup, there or about. Oh fresh ones are SO much nicer than dried!

Day Boat 'Fluke' (Summer Flounder) dredged in an organic grain pancake mixture I made (I also blame Greg's 'IHop' series for that craving as well!)- they made these yummy tacos with my handmade tortilla's. Face it, what is better than fresh fish? The fresher the better!

Information: The summer flounder, or "fluke," a flatfish is found in coastal waters from the southern Gulf of Maine to Florida. With warmer weather here off and on lately, we were told this fish normally is caught after May. Fluke prefer eel grass beds and wharf pilings because of the protection they offer. In the summer, small and medium sized adults are found on the sandy and muddy bottoms of bays, harbors and along the open coastline.

May brings Apricots, and so many other things- I will present an Apricot Sticky Rice soon...I received a box of cheese from Black Star Gourmet, have used it for some dishes, and man all I can say is when I opened up each cheese and tasted them, I felt the earth move, well, at least the scent of the earthy goat, sheep, and cow's milk cheeses from around the world on my tastebuds! 

Thanks Black Star, will post recipes next week!

Well, we are heading down to Florida, going fishing at a blog friends (a FSO blog/amateur photography blog) cabin on a private lake in Georgia, deep sea fishing in St. Augustine, then we are off to meet and visit with Velva @Tomatoes on a Vine! for what I am sure, will be a wonderful meal, great drinks (go see what she posts), and great chattering, well on my part any hoo! Her and I decided we are kindred Appalachian Cousins.

I will post trip details next week, and I am sure there will be some big fish tales on this trip...