Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Deviled Duck Eggs

I was at the local fish monger- Nassau Street Fish Market & Produce Princeton NJ, and saw they had Duck Eggs again, so I purchased six. Still having a small amount of my favorite Black Truffle Cappaccio; it was gourmet deviled eggs to the max. Sprinkle a bit of Aleppo pepper, replacing the usual paprika garnish for extra flavor and color, they were fantastic.

These did not stay on the plate very long, not one hint of 'devil' was left in that crowd.

My 'Partners In Wine Club' business partner Adrienne and I prepared a Greek Salad and Avocado Salad with grilled chicken accompanied by a creamy roasted garlic dressing for part of the main entree (eggs and some great barbecue). Try the perfect wine pairing- Iron Horse '07 Pinot Noir. A second bottle was opened on another occasion in a tasting pursuit to determine consistency in this Napa Winery's product- we rated this after a third tasting, 18 points, very consistent. This winery is known for its Russian and Wedding Cuvee's.

Fruit forward and barnyard- great 'New World' Green Valley, Napa BBQ meat wine!

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