Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deep Dark Brownie Cake Commitment

Not to jinx myself- I am now working with a trainer, Brian, a great guy, and its been two weeks. He and I have a lot in common, and he sees my enthusiasm to get my life as a whole balance. Lots of vegetarian eating, meat on weekend, walking on the Jersey Shore twice, swimming three times a week, water aerobics twice a week, weights, and my bike will be ready Wednesday. Sore is an understatement.

I feel good and have a goal- I turn 50 next year, and there is a Harley and a Cruise with my name on them! No, do not call me crazy, I love to live life! Last year I did complete an eating makeover for our household, but when it came down to it, I was not exercising on a regular basis, eventually I quite any kind of routine.

Having WAMPP- Wine Art Music Poetry Projects booked around New Jersey, freelance writing for local and on-line food and wine publications (on my rear), open mics, now in guitar and music lessons, cooking classes, a trip to Spain (El Bulli) in September, and lots of new friends asking me to get out and about the area- I realized I was extremely out of shape and needed to do something about it. Standing on your feet in one place in a kitchen just never was 'real' exercise.

Staying busy keeps me out of trouble, and out of the sweets. I do not buy them at all, only high cocao (75-95%) bars and break off a piece now and then. No way am I giving up my wine or martini habit, so its exercise do or do, no choice! Foodies like us have to balance things, right?

I made this sugar and gluten free brownie cake above. All of you out there that are going 'YUCK', well when you get your taste buds in check, you would be glad to have a piece of that cake! Chocolate Goodness is what it felt like to me. I did whip up some cream one night (with no sugar), it did fall after a few minutes, but it felt like a decadent indulgence.

Many of you who have met me in person, well you know I am a big girl- NOT FOR LONG!