Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Take A BIG Bite! Cup Cake Challenge

Grrrrrr! My Iron Cup Cake tried to bite me back! (No, it is what I looked like after the judging)

Having been asked to be a judge for the South Jersey Iron Cup Cake Challenge, a charity event that raised $1,000 for the Kelly Award, and a $75,000 annual grant for juvenile arthritis research. I was all too eager to say "YES"! I was up to the challenge, of course being on my new exercise routine and eating schedule, well it was not on the plan...however who would mind if I took 25 bites...just small nibbles right? (well the one above was my favorite, so I took a bigger bite, others were sacrificed to file 13, sorry sweet lovers)

Well after some traffic due to road work on 295 south, I finally arrived, and still had plenty of cup cakes left to catch up on, and lots more. Not 25, but 31 cupcakes sat waiting for me! Oh my, was I up to the challenge? Had I remembered to take my antacids? Hmmm, I gave it a good try. Dinner- Sugar, and hopefully all homemade, and a good percentage of 'unbleached' flour. Naturally- Good.

The crowd was all hyped up on sugar with their knives, forks and spoons pounding the table with cries of "Let them eat cake"!... leading to a dangerous entry into the 'Party Room' of Pop Shop in Collingswood, New Jersey. Judges were waiting for me, and cup cakes were everywhere...you could smell the sugar and gobs of peppermint in the air, or was that french fries calling my name...no it was not as dramatic as that, but hey, I did not test them.

Using a fork I carefully took small bites- maybe two to get a good sense of the flavor, moistness, icing, and use of the theme- Candy.

The crowd was packed into the Pop Shop of Collingswood, New Jersey. An old fashioned 1950's ice cream soda and burger style eatery. Well known for grilled cheese specialties. Matter of fact- Bobby Flay paid The Pop Shop a visit to do a 'Throw Down' for his Food Network show. The menu offers up his own grilled cheese recipe of Applewood Bacon, Brie, on Texas style toast and tomato.

I ordered one to take home and share with hubby; it was pretty good.

I have to say there were some wonderful cup cakes, and very creatively decorated. So well done, we are hosting them at WAMPP in August. The theme- 'Wine & Hearts'.

The winners, like this young lady who won the 'Youth' competition where so excited as their names rang out in the crowd- she ran straight to her mom and began to weep. Get them while their young I say! Unfortunately the cup cakes were coming at me so fast throughout the judging, I barely got photos (below), so I cannot show you what she did, but it was tasty! Hands down all the judges had picked the same six as the best.

Adult Division:

1st Place-Deanna Gordon (Campfire Pb Smores- to the left of the photo above)
2nd Place-Molly Rowland (Molly's Monsters- was my first pick)
3rd Place-Rich Potosky (Reese's Cupcakes- the young man below explains the size!)

Junior Division:

1st Place-Annabelle Jiaconetti (Mini Me Mint Cupcakes)
2nd Place -Gwen Godisil (Gummi Worm Cupcakes)
3rd Place-Kayla West (Cotton Candy Cupcakes)

For more photos, or to enter follow the links- ICCC & Photos

More cakes...stay tuned for more information about the next ICCC taking place at WAMPP!