Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its A Wrap!

Keeping the vegetables on a rotation helps keep us from being bored over here in my house. My exercise routine is going great, and with summers bounty slowly coming in at the farmers markets, eating fresh, local, and organic is at its easiest!

Weekends are our meat, pork, poultry, and fish rotation. I have been going through the cookbooks looking for good variations on vegetable recipes. I admit its a challenge at times. I did however make my Madeira Barbecue sauce again, this time using lamb as the main grill; it marinated for three hours, and with extra portioned out in the fridge- I used a few ounces in a spinach goat cheese wrap, with a side of Mushroom Ragout and corn, we have enjoyed this rotation. The ragout would work perfect in the wrap too...

Baby Zucchini- Mushroom Ragout/ w Madeira

1/2 pound baby zucchini squash, small cut
1/4 pound shitake, medium chop
1/4 pound portabello, medium chop
1/4 pound crimini, medium chop
1/2 red onion, medium chop
3 plum tomatoes, medium chop
4 tablespoons fresh chopped herbs
4 tablespoons EVO
2 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons Madeira, Medium Dry Blandy's Verdelho (a bargain for $21)

Saute the onion and herbs in oil and butter on medium heat- add squash, and saute for two or three minutes; add mushrooms and saute, then add tomatoes and stew on low heat until you feel it is ready (20 minutes or more).

I have decided to only post once a week during the remainder of the summer, reasons are as follows:

  • I am working out two hours each day, so out of the house early- then on to other appointments
  • WAMPP planning and execution growing near- donations now excepted on site!
  • My personal chef family travels to India, and is doing a motorcycle trip in Europe
  • NJ Woman's Business Association has given me a few new consulting jobs (contract work)
  • I am working part-time for a south NJ winery- pouring, education, WAMPP on property, and other food adventure partnerships with the owner
  • Writing freelance for local publications, and my PIWC wine site has taken some priority with my new connections

When do I have time to do all this- I  manage, and honestly I HATE to sit on my rear end! My road in life has changed in different directions, the economy affected my teaching job, the closing of my cafe a year and a half ago, and its been a challenge to keep my head above water at times. Luckily I have the wonderful love of my husband, son, and friends to help me realize, I love what I do. My father always said "An Akin (my maiden name) might give out at times, but we NEVER give up". I have kept this philosophy my whole life. Blogging has been fun, and I will not stop, I just have to get my priorities back in order. Doors have opened, and I am walking through them. If it is a window, well then I will haul my fat rear end over and through, until the weight comes off!

Lately we have eaten and I have forgotten to take photos.

Saturday, I made Swordfish steaks with a white wine pineapple-mango sauce and escarole salad- we started eating, and I realized the camera was in the car, so we just ate while it was hot off the grill. No pressure, because hubby is the one I love to make happy, and we are eating earlier so we can walk together.

Plus, I was distracted, I have a huge surprise 50th birthday party planned for hubby in a few weeks...

Have a great week everyone!