Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wild Garlic Potato Egg Bake

If you are a business traveler then you know all too well what eating out night after night can do to your health, or even waistline. Well my well seasoned traveler hubby likes to get back to a normal eating routine once he hits the house. One of his assignments in a hot hot dessert state involves only a few dining choices, and I am sure he does not eat as healthy as he does in my kitchen.

Keeping it simple the first few days he is back, and remembering a wonderful breakfast at Tomato-On-The-Vines house in Florida- Herbed Baked Eggs by Ina Garten, I decided to play with the idea and make it an early dinner dish.

The night before bake up at least six red bliss or white potatoes, smaller in size, with olive oil and some course Fleur De Sel (sea salt) for flavor and coating, all wrapped up in some foil or a well covered dish. Bake for 350 degrees for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until fork tender. Sure it seems like a long time, but when food is pushed together it takes longer. The skins should still be intact and a bit crisp.

Follow the recipe for the herb'ed baked eggs (I used some of my wild garlic in the freezer in place of herbs), but place the potato (cut open) into a larger ramekin, and add the other ingredients the recipes calls for- bake for the same amount of time. Oh, and make sure you add the water to the pan with the ramekins, or it might burn the cream and eggs. Remember you want the egg mixture to jiggle, do not over cook; it keeps cooking after you remove it and it sits warm in the water bath.

I then spoon on some Shallot Confit (yep, one use of this recipe), and serve; it was a wonderful and a light meal for us both!

A shout out to 'Food Whore' and 'Figtree Appetizer', who has gone walking with me...what a great time we have talking which helps make the time fly! Hope your wearing your WAMPP Tee around this hot summer!