Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blueberry Crudo Tacos and Orecchiette Salad

Crudo is the Italian take on sushi, and in my house, we love both versions. This is a scallop version I have made before, but by adding summer blueberries from New Jersey farms this past summer. You could make this dish all year, but I hear blueberries have gone up from 4.99 to almost 6 dollars a small box. They are healthy and tasty, but a bit bitter during off months. Simply slice the scallops into at least three pieces, after draining the water (paper towels work fine, or colander).

Using roasted red peppers preserved in oil, a lime, a few ounces of Blandy's Madeira, and chiffinod basil in this recipe it was a nice light meal with a salad. Light salt and pepper.  I am learning how to make brown rice flour wraps, dusted with white rice flour. They are healthier than regular flour, but not always great as left overs. Working with them is best in a skillet, but you can steam them in between wax paper stove top rather than frying them in oil, or use Indian dosai (soaked rice, uncooked, and black urad dal) if you are seeking other gluten free/low carb alternatives. Can be purchased in Asian Indian Markets.

I cooked up some Orecchiette pasta for a more filling meal for hubby. This gave it an extra layer by adding some extra red peppers, their oil and lime over the pasta.