Monday, October 4, 2010

The Food Cannot Wait, Nor I

I am back from Espaina- Spain. We took a few days to make a trip over the southern border of France, into the Basque region. To visit a small village of Sare (Sara). We drove through massive grape growing regions all along the way, after leaving Madrid and Barcelona. I know this is jumping midway into our trip, but it is so note worthy.

Many people head into Bordeaux, and ship this region all together, and it is its own country in its own right.

You can go here and read more about Xareta, the bordering region of France and Spain.

Our food experience was a funny one. My son speaks very good Spanish (his first trip out of the country), but hubby and my French has not been used enough to cut through reading a Basque menu. The hotel receptionist was called in by the waiter who felt my son's Spanish, and our French was going to ruin his evening. We had a choice of three menus with a starter, entree, and a dessert for a very reasonable euro amount.

Hubby chose Scallop Pie with Cod entree. My son and I chose Squid starter, and Le Boeuf Pie (Veal Kidneys with mushrooms and potatoes on top). All of it very good, but I was unaware Aaron and I had ordered kidneys, or I might have rethought the choice. I saw 'le boeuf' and thought, "Okay I could go for some beef". He however heard the woman explain its ingredients of 'kidneys', and he thought "Okay, I am willing", but did not tell me until we began eating. The whole meal was good, and the wine made it even better.

If you get a chance to visit this region of the world, please do. So worth the winding roads in an overloaded rental car (meaning three grown adults- we however packed lighter than our Italy trip). Oh and watch out for those unlikely and funny encounters you will have on any trip to a different land...