Friday, October 8, 2010

Magma Volcano Oven Pizza

Lets step back in time...before Spain and when this sandwich was whole...A few months ago while shopping for our Spain trip- I needed some good walking shoes, International Drivers License, gadgets, and more travel gadgets- we stumbled upon a quick bite to eat. A good one at that- Magma Pizza- Volcano Stone Oven.

Well, an eatery that offered more than just New Jersey Italian Pies- Mediterranean fare at its best!

I am not a big fan of pizza as I was in my younger years (or at least chewy crust), so I ignored the pie menu and noticed the  Mediterranean items. I zoomed in on a salad but noticed something else, and hubby went for a piece of vegetarian pizza. Still hungry after the rather small salad, I went for an oven baked sandwich with artichokes, onion, mushrooms, and a tapinade spread (shhh, hubby dislikes olives, so I do not think he noticed!).

The food was served on the brick oven paddles- or in the bakers world, Peels. Duh! Did I not realize my favorite kind of pizza, the reason I do not eat any other- brick oven, in front of me?

Their oven is made of lava rock, bottom to top, so their oven heats up faster and is possibly hotter than the traditional brick kind. Oh how the crust was crisp like a thin thin cracker! The topping was also crisp. Normally people in our area would have to drive almost an hour to the nearest brick oven place, and now we have one just ten minutes down in Nassau Park Shopping Center.

I asked, they have been there four years. We just do not shop in that part of the center that often, or eat out more than once a month.

You can find their menu with things like Za'atar Break, one of my favorite new spices I use regularly, along with fresh Pita bread that puffs up when brought to your table, and hummus at Magma Menu.

Also, check out Simply Scratch, she made pita bread, and this is how it does look when Magma brings it to your table fresh from their oven!

Update, 10/8/10- Funny reading this post I wrote before we left for Spain, because I realize how often I would slip into eating bread, even if it did have vegetables on it...I have found out my sugar levels are border line diabetic, so now it is time to drastically change my lifestyle. I have started another blog, I know CRAZY! Yeah, but I feel it is time to turn my life around, so come over and read 'EatingWeeds'. A journey into my world of changing what is on my plate, whats in my glass, and other random discussions. I am hoping people can help each other ease into change, which we all know is not always easy to do...