Monday, February 21, 2011

Chorizo-Vegetable and Kale Soup

There is nothing original here, just the chorizo on display. I have made Portuguese Kale Soup before, but this time I simply left all the veggies in tact, and did not puree, along with using a chicken stock for the base. Hubby likes his soup rustic.

We had another blanket of snow on the ground this its soup time!

Also I have posted a homemade Chorizo recipe on here before, so you simply take the meat and make small disk and grill them to a slight char, then add some to the broth and vegetables to help flavor it. The kale will hold its shape, but cut it into small pieces.

Garnish with more grilled Chorizo pieces when serving, but of course be careful. Mine is a bit spicy, and if your guest are not into that sort of thing, back off using it for the soup base.

Confession, I will be eating soups like this... all year long.