Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hoisen Beef, Bok Choy and Asian Noodles

My employer and I went to a small Asian market in Hillsborough, NJ looking for some unique ingredients. I was looking for Chicken Feet. I found them. Also being low on seasonings I picked up a new Hoisen sauce, and  few other goodies.

I am not sure why Hoisen from their store is so much better than the one I normally buy at the market, but this dish was amazing. This was the third time I have made an main entree with it.

1 fat trimmed (around edges) Ribeye- sliced thin, large cut onion, cilantro, rice wine vinegar, and a squeeze of lime you let it sit in fridge for half an hour. When ready over medium-high heat place meat pieces with 1 medium chopped onion, mushroom slices, and 3 tablespoons oil into the hot wok or pan. When meat begins to brown, and onions turn translucent (you can start with onions if you would like, then add meat and mushrooms); quickly add about 2 tablespoons Hoisen, and then quickly add 1/4 tablespoon beef stock. Cook another four or five minutes. You can serve sauteed bok choy and tossed somen noodle (cooked corn, edamame pieces, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce) as side dishes.

To add heat  to the dishes, because I love spicy- I served this sauce I found at Whole Foods, Nuclear Sauce. Its like a vegetable salsa, and similar to jalapeno pickled veggies my dad would make in Texas; it has the most incredible flavor. You have to watch how much you mix in, it is NUCLEAR! Hubby evidently did not hear me say this over and over that night.