Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kale Chips

They were so easy to make, I am surprised it took me so long to make them.

I had seen Kale Chips all over the food blog net, and on ChowandChatter's site not that long ago.

I made roasted root vegetables and while I had the oven on, I simply cut up the kale, after letting it dry out in the fridge for a few days. Yes, I am saying that laughingly. Not on purpose, but don't we all forget about some of the things we buy.

They were yummy and a great side dish to a steak, and another night with Asian pork strips and veggies.

I simply tossed the pieces of Red Kale leaves and stems* with a light drizzle of oil (I know they look wet, but they are not drenched) most of them crunch!

Bake in a 325 degree oven about 20-30 minutes. I honestly did not look at the clock when I pulled them out, but you should keep an eye on them.

*Recipes call for stems to be removed and you can use them for a saute or soup, but I dressed them in the same manner with sea salt and baked them. They were a bit like semi-hard Kale jerky, but wonderful!