Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

I posted last week about Pearl Pirie's 'Merry Christmas' Grilled Potatoes and decided to make them for our New Year's Eve dinner. Nibble Me This has posted about grilled potatoes numerous times, and they also can make a person drool. Go over and check out his Grilled Potato Salad recipe.

Simply select your favorite red bliss or white potatoes (leave skin on), select similar size and roundness, clean and get your skewers ready!

Slice them in half and soak them for about thirty minutes in cold water (to me it helps keep them from drying out, and makes for a crispier outside), and then pat dry. I par-cooked, or microwaved them for about three and half minutes covered with micro-lid, due to being thicker than Nibble's. Toss them in olive oil and skewer them I took some of my rib chop dry rub mixture and pressed them cut side down before skewering).

The dry rub was a seasoning I made the day before of vanilla bean, cayenne pepper, brown sugar and a few other ingredients. It gave them a crisp glaze, therefore they had a bite.

Grill them on both sides for about ten minutes each, and I set the skewers on the outer edges of the fire so they wouldn't burn. But get the great smoke off the wood and coals, yet finish cooking through. The flavor and crunch was incredible with the chops and the salad we had.

I am taking the time to make these more often when I light up the grill.

We wish you all have a Happy New Year in 2012!