Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Locally Grown Summer Food Is Just The Best

Last year's post, but am I the only one ready for summer to get here? You can still find these ingredients, at least organic from Whole Foods for now...

My bowl may not be pretty, but it taste great. Lets face it, for the past four weeks as more and more locally grown produce and foods come to our farmers markets, you can't beat it. I have discovered to beat my boredom with raw salads lately, I have grilled the vegetables and throw in the arugula at the last minute.

Dress some chopped vegetables with olive oil, heat up a skillet or grill, toss the vegetables on, and cook them. A squeeze of lemon or lime, break some bread and open a good (or locally made) bottle of wine with friends and enjoy the simple life.

In this bowl? Arugula (great sauteed, and smoked), local spinach, onion, squash, mushrooms, and a few other goodies cooked in a large basket strainer over the grill- let the veggies smoke.

TIP: Buy the largest strainer you can find, and keep it on hand for grilling or smoker. This was something I saw on Anthony Bourdain's new show, Lay Over while he was in Spain. Large enough grates to let the heat and smoke come through, but small enough to keep veggies from falling out, and it doesn't stick. Keep oil in a spray bottle and spray veggies and strainer before placing over the flame.

I saw the chef Anthony was visiting a cook who was smoking many things over the grill in his large strainer basket.


Add grilled seafood, beef, pork or chicken, some local made breads (farm butter) and its a filling meal.