Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet, Sour, and Spicy

With the summer weather outside being so wishy washy of on and off rain, cool (not complaining so much), cool and hot, then humid, but then it rains two or three days in a row and the pool is too cold to go for a swim. The whole scenario just seems that it is screwing with my taste buds more than usual.

One of these unusually cooler days I was craving soup. Yes, a bowl of something warm, and spicy. Tom Yum Soup came to my mind. Not sure if I can swing that one though. Have you also ever had those days when you only have so many ingredients, but going to the market is not in your lazy weekend plan? I stroll to the kitchen to find that all I have are some collard greens, sweet corn, and frozen shrimp. The seasoning cabinet is stocked, so there is no problem there.

Okay no Tom Yum Soup in this mix, but hmmm a sweet, sour, and spicy chowder of sorts?

Simple, tasty, and healthy.

Dinner time!

Not sure what to call it, but it matches the weather we are having in the NE.